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Summer Conferences

WVU Tech Sponsored Camps & Conference Timeline

This timeline is laid out for those WVU Tech groups that are planning camps and conferences on our campus. These dates allow for the administrative areas that support camps and conferences to ensure that the necessary items are completed in a timely manner. 

  • If hosting an overnight camp, contact Associate Dean of Students, Dan Sepion, to let him know what dates and tentative numbers you are looking at for your camp
  • Notify the University of your intention to host a camp by filling out this form
    • Please note that we would like all camps to collect their registration fees online through the University's eCommerce site. Registering your camp will trigger the appropriate trainings needed 
  • Register your camp with Children on Campus using this form
  • Request Children on Campus and Harassment and Discrimination training for your employees
  • Submit employment requests to Human Resources (Please work with the admin for your area if you need assistance) 
  • Work with University Relations to update/create web content
  • Complete this form to have University Relations begin working on your camp application 
  • Begin working with University Relations to design shirts or other branded items
  • Submit a master list of ALL employees/volunteers for your camp to Human Resources
  • If your camp needs food service, contact Dining Services
  • If hosting an overnight camp, return the signed summer housing agreement to Dan Sepion
  • Work with a licensed vendor to order t-shirts and all other giveaway items
  • If needed: submit new supplier request, completed ICF, vendor proposal/quote, and noncatalog forms. Contact Connie Oswald for more information.  
  • Contact IT Services if computer access/accounts are needed for your camp.
30 days prior to camp
  • New hire paperwork must be completed and an authorization to to work has been received by the supervisor.
  • If giving monetary awards/gifts during your campus provide Connie Oswald the total amount to be awarded. Please contact Connie Oswald for the forms needed. 
Two (2) weeks prior to camp
  • Provide finalized layout for room setups to facilities
One (1) week prior to camp
After Camp
  • Submit the final request for your monetary awards/gifts, along with the prepaid form, to Connie Oswald