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Spring 2022 New Resident Information

We are excited for you to join us on campus in January for the Spring 2022 semester. New resident move-in is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 7 from 8am to 12noon.  Check-in appointments will be required. After move-in, new student orientation is scheduled, so make sure you are moved-in and ready for your orientation!

Spring Housing Application

The Spring 2022 online housing application is available online (click the link in the upper left corner -- Apply for Housing"). Once we have your application, we will be in touch about roommates, housing assignments, and much more in early December.


We look forward to welcoming you to campus! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 304.929.1238 or

What to Bring

The WVU Tech Residence Life Office has compiled a list of items which we feel would enable you to make your stay at WVU Tech an enjoyable and comfortable one. 

We provide each student with: 
You should consider bringing: 
Bed and Mattress (extra long twin) 
Desk and Desk Chair 
Mini Blinds 
Closet/Wardrobe and Drawer Space 
Cable Jack (1 per room) 
Wireless Internet Connection 
MicroFridge (1 per room) 
Individual Mailboxes 
Recreation Area with TV 
Washer/dryer services 
Vending Machines 
Trash Can/Recycling Bin
Bike Racks
Sheets (XL twin), blankets, pillows
Broom/Swiffer, mop and bucket
Cleaning supplies, disinfecting wipes, dish soap
First-Aid Kit (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, thermometer)    
Surge Protector/Heavy Duty Extension Cord 
Desk Lamp
Floor/Area Rugs
Plunger, shower caddy, towels, shower shoes, soap, shampoo, sanitizer 
Television and gaming system
Moveable storage furniture
Insurance Card and insurance information
Classroom supplies, laptop/computer
Clothing, umbrella, jackets, hangers
Laundry cleaning supplies, clothes basket
Reusable water bottle, plates, cups
Microwave ovens 
Electric ovens 
Alcohol containers (full or empty) 
Waffle irons 
Small extension cords/multi-receptacle outlets 
Sandwich makers 
Motor bikes 
Crockpots/Instant Pots  
Pets (except for one 10 gallon tank with fish) 
LED Strip lights
Portable Heaters (electric, kerosene, etc.) 
Free weights over 20 pounds 
Electric or charcoal grills 
Paintball guns 
Halogen lights 
Any appliance/item with an open flame 
Drums and amplified equipment 
Air conditioners 
Gasoline or any combustible or flammable liquid
Portable clothes washer
Portable dishwasher
This list is not comprehensive. The Residence Life office reserves the right to ask students to remove items that are considered unsafe. 

At this time, the only cooking appliance that a student may have in their room is a MicroFridge microwave. These refrigerator/freezer/microwave units are more functional and efficient than individual units. All residents are provided a MicroFridge per room. 

The college assumes no responsibility for theft, damage or loss of money, valuables or personal items. It is essential that you protect your valuables. Please check with your family concerning the extent of coverage under existing insurance policies. You may also want to consider renter’s insurance from a private agent. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Residence Life Office at 304.929.1232.